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Your marketing is an investment.

It should be treated as such.

Symbiotic Marketing was built to be a marketing and advertising agency specifically designed for the needs of the small business owner.

Unsure where to start? Schedule a free consultation with Stephanie!

On Demand Marketing

Have access to a marketing professional at your fingertips with On Demand Marketing! Monthly service packages include access for general marketing questions, review of materials prior to publishing, or editing of marketing materials.





Social Media Coaching

Topics covered in Social Media Coaching include but are not limited to:

  • Reading, Understanding, and Engaging Insights
  • Defining and refining Target Audiences across different networks
  • Engaging other Pages and Groups as your Page
  • Working toward the transition to the New Pages Experience
  • Hashtag research and usage
  • Scheduling posts for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Using and engaging with the tools provided by said networks (Meta for Business)
  • When/How/and Things to think about before investing in an ad campaign
  • When/How/and Things to think about when utilizing a Personal account in collaboration with a Page (this becomes important with Groups)
  • When and how to utilize the Stories function and how to be effective with this tool




Marketing Management

Let us manage your marketing for you! We will manage your marketing from physical to digital and everything in between. Take a headache off your plate and know that your marketing is in good hands with Symbiotic Marketing!

All fully managed clients receive a digital traffic report monthly, a QR Code that link trees out to all of your digital sources, monthly branding posts to social media channels (average of 3 posts per week), as well as coaching, education, direction, support, and market research.

Clients within 1 hour driving distance from Chambersburg, PA will also have any physical materials needed delivered to their location by a representative of Symbiotic Marketing.



Marketing Services

Unsure where to start? Let Symbiotic Marketing direct you in where best to invest your time and money.

There are a lot of little pieces that need to come together for consistent branding no matter how long you have been in business.

From logo design to rebranding, Symbiotic Marketing has the tools, background, and supportive partners to help you bring these pieces together and have your dream come to reality.



Meet Our Partners:

If your business would like to collaborate with Symbiotic Marketing, please reach out to Stephanie to schedule a meeting to discuss options and availability.