There is a lot that goes into marketing your business, from creating a logo to creating a website and determining how it all fits together, it can easily overwhelm anyone! Symbiotic Marketing is here to ease the headache of your marketing frustrations, no matter how new or experienced you are. We understand and are here to help no matter the size or time you have been in business. We are here to help you reach your business goals.


Individual Profile

Each 30 minute session is dedicated to your personal Facebook account. Topics include: building your brand without losing your identity, maximizing your personal algorithm to increase social wealth, when to transition from a profile to a page, dealing with negativity, and more!

Facebook Page

Each 60 minute session is dedicated to your business Facebook page. Topics include: finding and speaking to your audience, ways to build your brand awareness without ads, when and how frequently to post, ensuring a quality page, tips and tricks to make scheduling easier, and more!

$300/session (12 weeks)

This course is taught in a group setting of no more than 12 students and is offered 4 times a year. Life coaching focuses on the 3 aspects entrepreneurs personally struggle with most: diet, exercise, and sleep. Topics include: stress management, breaking addictive habits, taking back your power, and more!

Basic Branding


Struggling with the Facebook algorithm? Tired of posting and paying without results? Not sure what to post on your page? Our experts will work on your page to determine your algorithm and how to make it work for your business. Allow us to handle your basic branding so you can focus on the more fun aspects of running your business!

Facebook & Instagram

More accounts, more problems? We have you covered with one consistent voice over multiple platforms, all focused on your target audience. Let us figure out how and when to post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to maintain your brand awareness. Switch on auto-pilot, we’ve got you covered.

Branding & Consulting


Branding is all about awareness, but that’s only a part of the game. Take your page to the next level with campaigns. Here we explore the use of groups and paid advertising. Includes everything in basic branding package and up to 5 consulting hours/month.

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram often go together like pb&j. When it’s done well, it’s oh so good! But take a short cut or go generic and it’s just meh. You’ve stepped up your game. Why be anything but awesome? Includes up to 10 consulting hours/month.

Consultant Services

Website Design & Development

Ready for a website but aren’t sure where to start? Our experts will walk you through the process of choosing a web host, connecting your domain, and designing your site. Our sites are custom built to your specifications and budget. Experience with WordPress, Wix, SiteBuilder, Site 123, Shopify, and more. Coding service available upon request.

Marketing and Media Consulting

Need a photographer, graphic designer, writer, or a marketing expert to help manage your branding and advertising? It can feel like everyone has the solution to your problem and they all want your money. Regain your sense of control over the sales game. Our experts have your back.

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